Why Berkshire Energy Partners?

If you are responsible for buying and managing energy for your business, you probably also have numerous other responsibilities as well. We can greatly ease your energy burden and help you make informed, timely decisions.

Recent history has seen an explosion of energy suppliers in the deregulated market place. We can navigate through the sea of suppliers, contract structures, and prevent unpleasant surprises when your bill arrives.

Having a long term relationship with a trusted partner is important. We will be that partner, allowing us to bring multiple competitive offers to you from various suppliers, but your long term relationship with us stays in place no matter which supplier you may choose in search of the most competitive pricing.

There has also been an explosion of people offering broker and consulting services, so how do you know who to choose?

Many consultants have never worked a day in the physical supplier side of the business, to really understand how electricity and natural gas deals are priced. Many have never been responsible for actually buying and managing energy for an end-user. Many consultants have only experience coming from a Utility, or solely in the consulting business. Our Principal has experience both as an energy supplier and as a large energy end-user, and will apply that experience to negotiate the best deal for your company.

Many brokers would have you believe that their services have no cost, simply saying that they are paid by the supplier. What they don't disclose is their fee which they direct the suppliers to build into your contract price. Berkshire Energy Partners offers full transparency, we will disclose our fee up front, no smoke and mirrors. We will also stay in routine contact to let you know of important developments in the market, rather than disappearing in between energy contract renewals like many consultants.

We will be your trusted energy partner bringing cost saving opportunities to you.


Mr. Dana A. LeSage, P.E.
Owner & Principal

B.S. Chemical Engineering - Drexel University
MBA - University of Delaware
Professional Engineer - Delaware

Prior to founding Berkshire Energy Partners, Mr. LeSage worked in Industry for 22 years in various Engineering and Management positions, and in the deregulated Energy Supply and Marketing business for almost 7 years.

In industry, Mr. LeSage managed an energy portfolio of over 1 BCF of natural gas, 45 MW of electricity load, and an energy spend of $25MM annually. He later worked with one of the largest electricity, natural gas and oil suppliers in the Eastern U.S. as an Account Manager serving commercial and industrial customers.

About Berkshire Energy Partners

Berkshire Energy Partners specializes in energy procurement and risk management strategies for commercial, industrial, healthcare and education system clients, primarily focusing in the PJM control area.

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